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Europe and the West are in the death-throes of de-Christianization.  Islam is blazing in from a tortured Middle East and either firing up Europeans with their vigorous creeds, or launching a conscious conquest by population increase.

Humanly speaking, the situation is irremediable.  Except... Two hundred years of visions, prophecies and observations may hold the key to the salvation of the once Christian west.  Raymond and Theresa de Souza have assembled a brief but gripping study of the situation. 

Their conclusion?  The conversion of England.

The Walsingham Project
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“One must not ignore the attempts to Islamize Europe, and the Catholic Church clearly sees this danger. This kind of attitude may present a risk for European identity.”

Fr. Georg Gänswein,
Personal Secretary to Benedict XVI, Süddeutsche Zeitung (26 July 2007)

The Walsingham Project

Henry VIII

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The Walsingham Project

Interview with Rick Paolini:
Henry VIII, 'Defence of the Seven Sacraments',
and The Walsingham Project.  Approx. 60 Mins

The WALSINGHAM PROJECT offers a two-pronged approach to the reconquest of Europe through the Conversion of England: spiritual and formation.

SPIRITUAL:  Join the Prayer Crusade for the Conversion of England.  Indulgenced prayers are readily available for you to download.

FORMATION:  Henry VIII is generally known as the despotic founder of the Anglican Church, responsible for gutting shrines and inflicting a reign of terror among Catholics.  His previous legacy as the most competent 'Defender of the Faith' in his era has been forgotten.  Learn more about the New Millenium Edition of his Catholic Masterpiece, 'Defense of the Seven Sacraments'

'The Lay of Walsingham' - read Dominic de Souza's brief history of the Shrine that inspired this Project.  Click here.

  Prayers for England - UK Residents

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Holy Annunciation Monastery

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The Walsingham Project