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England and the Carmelites have a close supernatural bond.  When the Carmelite Order was under oppression, Our Lady of Mount Carmel appeared to St. Simon Stock in Cambridge, England, 1251 AD.

She gave him the symbol of her livery, the Scapular of Mount Carmel, reminiscent of the mantle of the great prophet Elias.  All Carmelites wear it alongside millions of Catholics across the world.

We wrote to Carmelite monasteries throughout the world asking them to pray for the conversion of England en route to the re-Christianization of Europe. Here are some responses from Mother Superiors:

From the USA │ From the UK │ From Ireland │ From Rumania

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St Simon Stock

From the United States:Spacer

"Having myself received and read the letter from Theresa and Raymond de Souza … it is with knowledge as well as affection that I write this letter of introduction and recommendation.

"Mr. De Souza’s idea of resurrecting (so to speak) and re-publishing a work of the then Catholic King Henry VIII bears testimony to Raymond’s impressive faith, and his confidence in papal pronouncements about England. His personal dedication, commitment to the labor involved in realizing this Edition along with the sacrifice of a financial investment are truly awesome. It is with joy and a feeling of honor that I write this recommendation.

"King Henry VIII’s book Defense of the Seven Sacraments, bearing as it does the approval of Popes and Saints, needs no recommendation."

+  +  +

"We are united with you in prayer for the conversion of England. It is the kind of bold vision which has captivated the hearts of the saints in every age. May God bless your faith and your zeal!"

+  +  +

"May God bless you for your letter an confidence in our prayers. We will be remembering your intentions as we go before Our Lord each day to praise and petition Him on behalf of all the world. May the Lord keep you ever in His watchful care."

+  +  +

God reward you for that great letter. … It was really an inspired stroke of genius to make Henry VIII’s book available! That should rattle some cages. … Please keep us up to date. God bless you so much.

+  +  +

I want to assure you of our earnest prayers for the conversion of England and we would like to order the book ‘Defense of the Seven Sacraments’ I enclose a check for it. We understand that Cardinal Newman will be beatified this year. It is all part of the conversion of England and we are delighted to be with you in praying and working for this so very important intention.

+  +  +

We wish to assure you of our prayers for the intention of publishing the work of Henry VIII. We are well aware of the threat of de-Christianization of Europe that is taking place. God bless your work.

From the United Kingdom:Spacer

"We do indeed congratulate you on a wonderful initiative, and we assure you of our prayers for its great success...We Carmelites in England pray every day for our country to return to the Faith of our Fathers."

+  +  +

"I hope that this project will have a good outcome, and also that our prayerful presence here in England is helping to provide an opening for God’s will to be done."

+  +  +

"I want to assure you that we shall be joining our prayers to yours for the re-Christianization of Europe, and of England in particular. … May God bless all your good work for Him!"

from Ireland: Spacer

"Your earnest plea for the prayers of our Carmelite community finds an echo in our hearts. … We will certainly and gladly place our “widow’s mite” in your great apostolic effort. Indeed this need is already highlighted here in Ireland, once known as the ‘Island of Saints and Scholars’, as we prepare for a national referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which, if ratified, would effective extinguish our national Christian identity and hard-won sovereignty achieved after seven centuries of struggle ‘for Faith and Fatherland’. … We are not without hope. Europe has been saved in the past when there was a concerted Crusade of prayer through Our Blessed Mother Mary. We pray and trust that it will be granted again through your zealous work."

From Rumania: Spacer

We pray with you for your request.