Pope Benedict XVI
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After the 'Ratzinger Report', Benedict XVI is probably the only Pontiff in history whose mind was already known to people decades before being elected to the Chair of Peter.

The Church is one, holy, catholic, apostolic - and missionary… Rome is the concrete name of the catholicity and missionary spirit of the Church; it expresses fidelity to the origins, to the Church of all times, to a Church that speaks in all languages and goes out to meet every culture.

On the solemnity of Pentecost, May 27, 2007.

Evangelization is the first priority for bishops. They are responsible for announcing the word of God throughout the area entrusted to them, including everything from the celebration of the liturgy, formation in prayer and in preparation for the sacraments. Bishops face great challenges because of a modern society full of sensuality and individualism," which will not get better without "a dynamic and well-rooted pastoral plan to promote families, which is based on family associations coordinated at the diocesan and national level.

Address to the Mozambican Bishops, May 28, 2007.

Faced with an increasingly secularized culture, every baptized person must become active in the Church's missionary activity.” [I] "invite local Churches on all continents to a joint awareness of the urgent need to re-launch missionary activity to meet the many grave challenges of our time”. … The missionary challenge of today "is no longer simply to collaborate in the activity of evangelization, but to make people feel that that they are protagonists and share responsibility for the Church's mission.

Message for 81st World Youth Day, MAY 29, 2007.


"The disappearance of the missionary spirit perhaps is not due so much to limitations and deficiencies in the external forms of the traditional missionary action but to forgetting that the mission must be nourished by a more profound nucleus," the Pontiff said. "This nucleus is the Eucharist."

Jesus came "to show us, with his words and his life, the ordinary ways of salvation, and he ordered us to transmit this revelation to others with his own authority."

Men might be saved by other ways, thanks to God's mercy, if the Gospel is not proclaimed to them, but can I be saved if through negligence, fear, shame or because of following false ideas, I fail to proclaim it?"

Benedict XVI, VATICAN CITY, OCT. 5, 2010

Benedict XVI