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The Peace of Christ

Let us unite with those who devoutly practice peace, and not with those who hypocritically wish for peace.

St. Clement I, Letter to the Corinthians, c. 95

To want peace without God is an absurdity, seeing that where God is absent thence too justice flies, and when justice is taken away it is vain to cherish the hope of peace.

St. Pius X, E Supremi, October 4, 1903

We do not need a peace that will consist merely in acts of external or formal courtesy, but a peace which will penetrate the souls of men and which will unite, heal, and reopen their hearts to that mutual affection which is born of brotherly love.

Pius XI, Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio, December 23, 1922

Nothing is lost by peace; everything may be lost by war.

Pius XII, Radio Message, August 24, 1939

Salvation and justice are not to be found in revolution, but in evolution through concord.

Pius XII, Address to Workers from the Diocese of Italy,
June 13, 1943

Neither the reduction in the number of weapons, disarmament, nor the absence of war lead immediately to peace. It is essential to create a culture of life and a culture of peace.

John Paul II, Address on the 50th Anniversary
of the Pax Christi Movement, May 29, 1995