From Henry VIII
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A Message from Henry VIII 
For you, the reader.


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Courteous Reader,

In this little book I hope I have clearly demonstrated how absurdly and impiously Luther has handled the Holy Sacraments.

I hope I have made clear how rashly he calumniates the Church, and how impertinent, how impious, and how absurd he is against the holy Fathers; against Scriptures; against the public faith of the Church; against the consent of so many ages and people; even against common sense itself.

I wish he may at last repent himself for having treated of Penance in so evil a manner, that he may wholesomely perform all its parts, since he endeavours to destroy them all; that he may be contrite for his malice and publicly confess his errors; and that by submitting himself to the judgement of the Church – which he has offended with so many blasphemies - he may atone for what he has committed with the greatest satisfaction possible.

I indeed abhor this man’s great madness and most lamentable state and I wish that even now - God inspiring him by grace – he may at length come to his senses, be converted and live.

I beseech and entreat all other Christians, by the Heart of Christ, Whose Faith we profess, to turn their ears away from those impious words and not foster schisms and discords, especially at this time when it behoves Christians most particularly to be united against the enemies of Christ.

Henry VIII.

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