A Medieval Chivalry Weekend was hosted at the Holy Annunciation Monastery to promote a clearer understanding of the 10 Commandments of Chivalry as a means to complement the Catholic formation of young men.

23 teenagers, age 12 and upward, spent the 27-29th of June taking a crash course from Mr. Raymond de Souza, EWTN Program Host, Founder of Saint Gabriel Communications International and speaker of international renown. Using the excellent - although not completely historical - Samuel Bronston's 'El Cid', Mr. de Souza drew parallels on the ideals of Christian Manhood exemplified by Don Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, medieval Spanish hero.

Download a poster of the 10 Commandments of Chivalry (1.53 MB ~ 0:30 seconds). A vibrant reminder of the high ideals of chivalry once lived by every Christian Knight.


The second Young Men's Formation Weekend focused on "Fidelity to the Truth".  The heroic life and martyrdom of St. Thomas More as played by Paul Scofield in "A Man for All Seasons" served as the theme and hinge.

Around 20 boys attended a three day crash course on the importance and relevance of duty to the Truth as espoused and manifested by God to His Church. 

For Girls:  www.Knightingales.net


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